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Sophia Briggs

Hello everyone! My name is Sophia Briggs and I am an incoming sophomore at the University of Arkansas. I am a proud member of Zeta Tau Alpha and from Keller, Texas (just outside of Fort Worth). I am majoring in Advertising and Public Relations at the Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences. The University of Arkansas was not my first choice, but when I stepped foot on campus, I immediately fell in love with the inclusive atmosphere the university had to offer.

If you ever see me around town, I’m probably at 7-Brew. I constantly crave their energy drinks and love recommending new flavor combinations to my friends. If I am not there, I'll be right next door at Ginger, my favorite sushi spot in town! On my days off, I love driving to Rogers to go shopping at the Pinnacle Hills Promenade.

I am delighted about this opportunity to get involved within the Panhellenic community. Being Greek has allowed me to create purposeful bonds with strong women who inspire me. Greek life has encouraged me to go out of my comfort zone. My favorite part of Greek life is how it has assisted me in this transformative stage of life. Zeta Tau Alpha has shaped me into a more generous and honest person throughout my first two semesters as a “Zista”. I am thrilled to continue as Zetas Panhellenic blog writer this year and cultivate my writing skills throughout the process.

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