Zeta Tau Alpha is committed to building a nobler womanhood in the world by creating a more diverse, equitable and inclusive sisterhood. To this end, ZTA has established a DEI Strategic Plan, an Inclusion Committee, a growing list of DEI resources and an avenue for direct feedback.

ZTA’s Inclusion Philosophy is rooted in both the Key Value of Seeking Understanding that We Might Gain True Wisdom and Belonging, one of the Five Areas of Sisterhood. These two principles serve as the main components of ZTA’s diversity, equity and inclusion approach. The audiences or parts of the ZTA experience that relate to each component appear underneath those headers.

But, what about our chapter?


One of the main things Epsilon is doing to educate our sisters, as well as to support the uniqueness that each sister brings, is our creation of the diversity and inclusion committee. This committee works hards to ensure that we are creating an accepting environment in our chapter, as well as making sure that each of our sisters know the true meaning behind treating our sisters with, "Love, the greatest of all things." 

"Epsilon's Diversity & Inclusion committee is using a private interactive Instagram account to engage members in conversations surrounding group bias, discrimination, microaggression, and several other related topics. We address the personal experiences of those within our circle, and of equal importance, we address the experiences of those without our circle. We hope that together, Epsilon members are learning how to be proactive, progressive, and powerful influences in our society today. "

- Carter Cowman, Diversity and Inclusion Committee Chairman

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