welcome home!

530 North Oakland Avenue. The "zouse". It has many names but, most of us just call it home. Since 1903, Epsilon has been home to many bright and wonderful women. From our curved staircase to our cozy basement, this house has given our members nothing but good memories. We house 68 of our members each year and each girl has their own set of stories that made this big, white house feel like a second home to them. 


meet the gal who runs the "zouse"! 

"Being the house manager has made up of some of my sweetest times in ZTA thus far. Through this position, I am able to see all the beauty and memories that take place in our home. From hearing the laughter that echos in the halls to seeing girls come together as one during mealtime, 68 unique individuals are able to form one unbreakable sisterhood.  This house is one of the most precious gifts ZTA can give and I am proud to call 530 N. Oakland Ave the home of Epsilon."


kennedy fitzpatrick, 

house manager